Most women place a good deal of focus on their pubic hair not only for themselves but for their partners as well. In fact, many women are willing to indulge their partners when it comes to pubic hair styles. Why not? In a recent study:48% of men preferred their women to get rid of it all.
29% of men said they preferred their women to be natural -- that being trim and neat but not bare.
16% of men wanted their women to have a little tuft of hair or a patch -- would that be a 'soul' patch, boys?
7% said that they would like their women to have more hair than was considered natural.  Bottom line... When it comes to sex, everyone has their preferences, but let's face it...a trimmed, clean-shaven VJ keeps things sanitary, cuts down on odor and makes oral sex even more enjoyable. 

An added bonus: It saves on shampoo! 
It might be a 'secret,' but EVERY woman worries about her scent, especially during intimate encounters. Of course, every woman has her own unique scent -- some more unique than others -- but we here to say -- it's absolutely natural. Barring any infections -- visit your gynecologist, if that's the case -- there are a few tricks beyond the obvious of cleanliness:

1. Use baby wipes when you use the facilities and remember to wipe front to back. 

2. Wear loose cotton underwear as often as possible.
3. Don't douche or sprinkle powder in your underwear and...

4. La pièce de résistance: use a drop or two of baby oil on your finger and rub it on your inner and outer labia. 
A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon
 ~Arnold Haultain 
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Pubic Hair & Sex
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"This isn’t some little hippie chick who believes sex is a natural, healthy part of life. This isn’t some whacked-out teenager trading sex for love. This is an adult woman with a shaved pussy. She’s burning with sexuality and begging me to take her right here in The Den of Iniquity."

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