Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pubic Hair

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American Apparel got people talking about Pubic Hair with store window mannequins adorned with pubic hair. New York pedestrians stopped in their tracks when they spotted the mannequins at the East Houston Street location of American Apparel.
Is Pubic Hair Making a Comeback?

Everyone knows about the shaving trend in pubic hair in men's magazines, porn movies and even nude beaches. It seems a lot of men and women have gone bald.

But celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jenny McCarthy recently tweeted and tittered that they prefer a more natural, hairier look. 

Kathie Lee Gifford talked trash about the lack foilage on the Today show, American Apparel mannequins have pubic hair, and a character in “Girls" flashed abundant foliage. 

And there are numerous sexual websites, including intimatehair.com, that feature lots of pubic hair.

Age is definitely a factor when it comes to hair removal: the younger the woman, the less the hair. But as women grow older and take on more responsibilities, they have less time to spend grooming their intimate parts.

There are also some health concerns associated with hair removal, from ingrown hairs and rashes to the risk of infections. But that is true of any type of hair removal from any part of your body.

No matter which way the trends go, women can now choose how much pubic hair they want, or don't want to show. It's just a matter of fashion or preference, or what your lover prefers.

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