Trim and Mmm!: This is the very least he can do. Using a clean scissors or moustache trimmer, trim around the base of the penis carefully. Gives new meaning to having him by the short hairs.  

Basic MankiniThis eliminates hair on the legs below the edge of his tightie-whities. Best bet: do it while underwear is on; can be done with simple shaving or waxing.  

Leg Mankini: A trim of hair from where his briefs might rest on your thighs. Best bet: do it while briefs are on; can be done with simple shaving or waxing.   

Brazilian: This is, in effect, very much like a similar concept to a man using a hand-vac on his car. It’s a clean sweep that eliminates hair from everywhere but his legs and above his penis. Best bet: Wax by a professional. 

Wedge: A Brazilian plus that eliminates some of the hair above the penis shaft, leaving a small wedge. Wax by a professional.

Landing strip: Just like on the gals, take away all the hair and leave a small landing strip above the shaft of the penis. Wax by a professional.

  • Do it after a warm bath when the hair is softer and his skin is damp. 
  • First, trim the weeds. You can use a comb and scissors, regular hair clippers, or men’s body groomers.
  • Be sure to calm him with your voice and praise him with your touch.
  • Douse hair with a hair conditioner and then apply a shaving cream.
  • Use a new razor with a sharp blade and a steady hand – and not the same one used on his face. Only shave skin, not genitals. 
  • Stretch skin tightly and shave with long and smooth strokes upward, in the direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs. Tip: Unlike women, men’s pubic hair grows upward to his navel.  Rinse and repeat. 
  • Then do another pass in the opposite direction. When done, rinse and pat him dry with a clean towel then rub a light lotion on the skin. You can apply something like Tendskin for reduce ingrown hairs immediately but DON’T use anything like after-shave or the sort, unless you want him to whimper for his mama. 
  • If he gets the itchies, some Cortisone will help. 
  • Use a clipper with a guard to trim hair short on genitals, don't use the razor.
Shaving is, by far, the most common but it does require regular maintenance. 

A tip: Offer to do it for him. Much foreplay can be wrought by venturing into the wilds of the jungle and follow these tips. 

Pubic Hair Styles for Men
Pubic Hair Styles for Men
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Male Pubic Hair Styles are not just for porn stars or gay men; it’s for ANY man who enjoys feeling clean. 

The problem is a lot men draw the line at talking about it with other men. But vanity is not just a woman’s arena. Men – intelligent men – are just as vulnerable to what their partner(s) think about their intimate hair as women. 
As a rule, men see pubic hair as part of what separates the men from the boys. It’s the bramble of their masculinity, the hair-full of evidence they have journeyed through the rite of passage beginning with puberty and growing from there. In many ways, that’s true! Any man who has been forced to shower publicly in middle school has probably noticed that some his classmates had bushy pubic hair, while others were bare as a toddler. The difference is stark and embarrassing, although most catch up by high school.

Now…shaving/trimming/weed whacking a man's pubic hair does not make make him less of a ‘man.’ 

In fact, it can make him and his partner grateful when they get to enjoy his manhood with a face full of brambles or a mouth full of pubes. For many men it will make your lover, male or female, more inclined to get more intimate with their tongues and mouth. 
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