Vajazzles for Pubic Hair
Swimwear styles require most  women to be neatly trimmed.
I'm not afraid of my femininity and I'm not afraid of my woman should ever be.
 --Goldie Hawn 
The practice of women waxing or shaving their pubic hair has caught fire and not just the ‘flame cut.’
Women now celebrate their femininity by styling their pubic hair. An untamed bush is rare and likely to elicit an emphatic response from a new lover along the lines of "Wow! You have a really hairy #$@#!"  But maybe that is what your lover likes. Find out exactly what turns him on with the Language of Desire!
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The first popular exposure of shaved vaginas occured in 1970, in Britain's Penthouse Magazine. 

The American addition soon followed. Since that time, there has been a steady increase in the number of shaved vaginas in porn magazines.

Strangely enough, in a countertrend, there is a high demand in the porn industry for women with unshaved vaginas.
Pubic Hair Styles For Today's Woman.
Pubic Hair Styles
Pubic Hair Styles & Fashions and Care for Women & Men