Pubic Hair Styles for Men

Male Pubic Hair Styles are not just for porn stars or gay men; it’s for ANY man who enjoys feeling clean. 

The problem is a lot men draw the line at talking about it with other men. But vanity is not just a woman’s arena. Men – intelligent men – are just as vulnerable to what their partner(s) think about their intimate hair as women. 
Pubic Hair Styles for Men
Pubic Hair Styles for Men
Michael Phelps obviously has taken the BARE way out.
Benefits of Trimming Pubic Hair

Men usually shave/trim/weed whack for cosmetic reasons – it feels cleaner especially for those athletically inclined. 

It reduces sweat accumulation and the smell (not scent) that comes along with it. In other words, you won’t have to consider a ‘not on your life’ stance with your man after the day’s workout. 

A smooth scrotum is a green light for erotic foreplay.

It enhances sexual feeling as less hair translates into more sensitivity.

Of course, there’s the added benefit that male pubic hair maintenance can only aid in the ‘size does matter’ debate. So whether he's Small, Medium or Oh-My-God-Is-That-All-For-Me category, there’s always room for – ahem – improvement. Or try penis enhancement and see if that works for you.

Even if your man is not ‘large and in charge,’ he can be. Think about it, when pubic hair covers the base of the shaft, it visually makes said shaft appear short(er). Note: studies have shown there is a direct correlation between less hair and higher Yum Factor! 

Pubic Hair Styles for Men
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The word 'cock' is short for 'watercock," the spigot of a barrel, bears a striking resemblance to you-know-what.
As a rule, men see pubic hair as part of what separates the men from the boys. It’s the bramble of their masculinity, the hair-full of evidence they have journeyed through the rite of passage beginning with puberty and growing from there. In many ways, that’s true! Any man who has been forced to shower publicly in middle school has probably noticed that some his classmates had bushy pubic hair, while others were bare as a toddler. The difference is stark and embarrassing, although most catch up by high school.

Of course, as many men get older, they tend to loose hair both up on top and down below. Not much to be done about the older pubes, other than die them, but this hair loss formula might work for your head hair. 

Now…shaving/trimming/weed whacking a man's pubic hair does not make make him less of a ‘man.’ 

In fact, it can make him and his partner grateful when they get to enjoy his manhood with a face full of brambles or a mouth full of pubes. For many men it will make your lover, male or female, more inclined to get more intimate with their tongues and mouth. 
No that's a bit much. Get my weedwacker!
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